Power care for any skin type and any age

Phytomineral is a high-quality moisture care that perfectly adjusts to all skin types. 7 precious plant-based ingredients and 7 important minerals ensure intense care and a supple feel of the skin.


Highly effective care for the resurrection of demanding skin

The tried and tested phyto mineral 7 plant and 7 mineral concept was intensified in this series and expanded by rare plant extractions, special effective substance complexes, pure plant oils and plant butter types. The phyto mineral Deep Regeneration line invigorates the skin cells, improves skins strength and stimulates the natural resistance of the skin. It is suitable for any skin type and any age. Dry and stressed skin in particular can profit from the rich plant extracts.

Life Long Beauty

Lifting care for mature skin

Life Long Beauty has been specifically developed for the needs of mature skin. The innovative Densilift-Complex improves the skin density and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. For a radiantly beautiful complexion that makes your age a secret.





High-quality professional products, developed by experts

The secret of these highly effective professional cosmetics lies in the intense cooperation between Judith Williams, her team of leading scientists and the professional beauticians from the Judith Williams Beauty Institute. These special products have been developed for individual skin needs and signs of ageing and are characterised by maximum effective substance concentrations and quickly visible results.


Life Long Beauty Rich Rose

Beauty that never wilts

To protect your skin, the Life Long Beauty Rich Rose line uses the rare and refined Eau Florale of the Rosa Centifolia from Grasse – the world capital of traditional perfumery. The Rich Rose care line has been developed specifically for stressed winter skin that is often exposed to dry air from central heating. The products have been additionally enriched with Lipex Shea Tris, a high-quality part of the shea butter that improves the moisture balance and protects from signs of premature skin ageing.


Future Skin

Skin Cell Regeneration

This outstanding anti-ageing care was developed based on the latest insights of plant stem cell research. The innovative combination of young plant high-tech stem cells with the modernised NeuroBotumix5 Plus complex leads to the intense stimulation of cell regeneration and the visible revitalisation of your complexion. These ingredients invigorate tired skin cells and restore their strength and energy.





Vitamin C Power24

Power Protection

Judith Williams, in cooperation with renowned scientists, has developed a care line for the youth of your skin. Vitamin C Power24 is a modern care series with a revolutionary Vitamin C Power24 complex. The line vitalises skin cells and creates a relaxed and youthful complexion.