<br>The Creative Woman

The Creative Woman


“We can sweeten up our daily lives with a few beautiful things”

What is perfume? A secret kept by the masters of their trade? Perfume can be so much, but it is mostly one thing: a passion. Therefore, Judith Williams chooses the perfumers she knows bring passion and expertise.

Among them is legendary Pierre Bourdon, who created the timeless scent Davidoff Cool Water in 1988. Only few specialists have mastered the art of mixing a scent from more than 2000 different substances and making it come alive the way he does.

Few have a quality claim that is as high as that of Pierre Bourdon. To work free from market pressure, the master of scents has withdrawn to his country estate in Normandy.

For Judith Williams, this was the first and best choice for creating a perfume for her customers. And indeed: Her vision and quality claim convinced Pierre Bourdon to create the sophisticated harmonies of the Judith Williams world of scent. Inspired by a self-confident woman and with recipes kept like a valuable treasure.