<br>The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur



By the time she founded the Judith Williams company in 2006, Judith Williams had mastered a rocky path. With her keen sense of what the customer wants and her determination, she turned her products into one of the most popular cosmetics brands on German TV very quickly. Through the home shopping channel HSE24 alone, her facial cream was sold more than four million times.

This was only the beginning: With an open ear for her customers’ wishes, Judith used her success to expand her supplies internationally in 2007. In 2009, she added a dedicated fashion, perfume and jewellery line, currently comprising about 700 items. The product range now contains Judith’s popular facial care line as well as enchantingly feminine scents.

But Judith Williams did not stop there: She opened her own Beauty Institute in 2010. In this wellness oasis in Munich, her customers can enjoy consulting from woman to woman and special cosmetic treatments by highly trained specialists.

“A strong woman,
a strong team”

Judith Williams GmbH has grown to more than 70 specialists in research, development and production. In countries such as Russia, Italy and Great Britain, her products are now as valued around the world as they are in Germany. Judith Williams’ Company achieves a turnover of approx. 100 M Euro per year.