The Innovative Visionary

The Innovative Visionary


“Have the courage to live your dreams!”

Only the best is good enough! This is the claim with which Judith Williams takes new paths in the development of innovative products. Only the most exclusive and effective ingrediants find a place in her cosmetics offerings. Controlled from cultivation to refinement, e.g. on her own rose plantation in French Grasse or the Edelweiss field in Styria.

Judith makes considerable investments in research and development. Who would have thought that the basic substances from the stem cells of the Edelweiss plant, together with highly active anti-ageing substances, would lead to a revolutionary active substance?


A milestone in the research against early skin aging: the Judith Williams cosmetics line Skin Revolution EDELWEISS.

Judith Williams cooperates closely with renowned research facilities. She is happy to have gained Dr. Stefano Manfredini from Ambrosialab as a research partner for her skin care products. Dr. Manfredini is a professor at the University of Ferrara, which has the most esteemed department for cosmetology. As often as her time permits, she visits the research team to include her customers’ wishes in the development of new products.